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SamCol by Hicks

Rose Quartz Sphere

Rose Quartz Sphere

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Even when we're content with our surroundings, career and relationships, we still need to work to channel the energy of love. It helps us from becoming content, and pushes us to strive to put more love out into the world. Maintaining a healthy view of yourself and others is a constant effort. You need to refresh that mindset with a daily splash of compassionate love to keep your worldview from getting stuck.

Let the rose quartz sphere energy guide you to stop wanting love, and begin seeing it both within and around you. Crystal spheres emit energy out equally in every direction. Working with a rose quartz sphere allows you to feel fully immersed in the energy of love. Ground yourself in the uplifting encouragement of this joyful stone, and you'll open up on levels that you didn't know were closed.

Holding this rose quartz sphere in the palm of your hands during meditation has a powerful effect on the mind's ability to digest situations. Reach a point of understanding that has been eluding you, or find acceptance about the things you can't change. Spheres provide a gentle grounding essence that feels comprehensive throughout your mind, body and soul. The rose quartz energy that this sphere radiates outward adds a calming benefit to this healing love.

Rose Quartz is one of the best crystals to enhance positive self-affirmations. Whether you're feeling stressed, burdened by shame or guilt, going through heartbreak, or you just need to channel the energy of love within your heart chakra, use your rose quartz sphere to set an intention.

When you are drawn to a Rose Quartz sphere, you need a reminder that love is all around you. You don't have to dream about finding it -- it is within you and within others already. Use this sphere to help you channel love, compassion, or joy whenever you need it.


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