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Reclaiming The Power Of Hoodoo: A Beginner's Guide To African American Folk Magic to Cultivate Peace & Abundance Within Your Life Through Rootwork & Conjure

Reclaiming The Power Of Hoodoo: A Beginner's Guide To African American Folk Magic to Cultivate Peace & Abundance Within Your Life Through Rootwork & Conjure

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Going back to the roots: discover the truth about Hoodoo and harness the wisdom of your ancestors to bring happiness, health, and prosperity to your life -- even if you’re an absolute beginner.

Do you want to know more about your culture and the spiritual beliefs of your ancestors, but you don’t know where to start?

The more you read, the more confused you get, because you’re getting lost in an ocean of contradictory information?

This happens more often than you think, and here’s why:

Hoodoo is one of those “controversial” topics that are incredibly hard to research and explore.

Not because there aren’t many authentic sources -- but because there are so many false, unobjective ones.

Throughout history, various religious and political groups (with the massive help of mainstream media) have depicted Hoodoo as something evil and demonic.

Grave desecrations, devil worship, vandalism, human sacrifices… These are just some of the things associated with Hoodoo.

But the truth is the complete opposite.

At its core, Hoodoo is a practice that relies on love -- the love for your ancestors, your culture, your family, friends, and your fellow man.

Hoodoo is an integral part of African-American communities, and it should be embraced and respected by the rest of the world -- not twisted around or used as a tourist attraction.

Because of its bad history, Hoodoo practitioners have been forced many times to go underground.

That’s why learning the truth about the real Hoodoo is so hard -- but not for long.

In this incredible guide, you’ll discover the authentic Hoodoo -- the Hoodoo of your ancestors who have used its magic over many centuries to fight oppression and inequality… and bring peace and happiness to their lives.

In Hoodoo, you will discover:

  • An objective history of Hoodoo, from its roots in West Africa to modern times
  • An overview of Hoodoo cosmology, beliefs, and practices
  • A complete walkthrough of the basic tools of Hoodoo practitioners, including a guide on how to make your own Ancestral Altar
  • The most comprehensive guide on herbal magic and rootwork, including a plethora of information on harvesting, storing, and drying your herbs
  • Powerful White and Red magic spells every beginner can cast effortlessly, regardless of experience
  • Detailed instructions on candle-making, including a guide on candle colors and oils for boosting the power of your spells
  • Clear and precise instructions on making mojo bags for a variety of personal uses

And much more.

Your roots and your history are incredibly important -- they have shaped the community you live in, your family, your outlook on the world, and ultimately your life.

With this guide, you have a chance to explore that history without interference of unobjective and fake news.

Discover the real Hoodoo and let your ancestors lead you to a better life.

If you want to start practicing Hoodoo and use its power to shape your surroundings to your liking, then scroll up and click the “Add to Cart” button right now.
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