Healing Wrist Decor

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SPARKLE! This is a half (H) beaded wrist decor with a beautiful combination of Stone & Krobo Beads linked by metal beads. 

This wrist decor is designed with an elastic band that fits a standard (6.5” - 7.5”) wrist perfectly. If you need a custom size, please email me at info@samcolbyhicks.com.

Wrist decor includes: Druzy Agate Blue-Green, Krobo Beads, 2 metal beads and a clear elastic band

Druzy Agate is a mineral, usually a variety of Quartz, that has formed into tiny, glittering crystals with the sparkle of sugar or snow. It occurs worldwide, within or on the surface of other minerals. Druzy is created when water deposits crystals onto a rock’s surface. When the water evaporates and cooling occurs, the minerals are left behind and form into crystals on the rock.

Krobo Beads have been passed down through many generations and are symbols of the families' wealth.