Citrine Chunks Rough Stone (small)

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The Money Stone! The ABUNDANCE Stone! Citrine is a beautiful yellow stone that awakens your solar plexus chakra. This stone elevates optimism and energy to manifest and accept opportunity. 

AFFIRMATIONS: Money comes to me effortlessly.                I am my own source of motivation.
My possibilities are limitless.

ENERGY: Absorbs

ASTROLOGICAL SIGN: Leo, Aries, Libra & Gemini

CHAKRA: Root | Solar Plexus | Sacral

PLACEMENT: directly over your root chakra, in your wallet, as a necklace, wrist and on your nightstand. 

HELPS WITH: Clearing negative thoughts surrounding money. Assist with depression and confidence. Can be placed around the home to bring about positive energies. Citrine also creates balance and harmony.

The listing is for ONE (1) Citrine Rough Stone

STOCK PHOTOS - These stones may vary in size and characteristics due to them being natural. 

Stones range in size and weight - approx.: 2-4 cm in size.