Believers Talking the Talk

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TWO questions:

1)Does SamCol by Hicks carry any Christian based books?


2) Why are so many millennials leaving the church?

I believe BELIEVERS TALKING THE TALK by Beverly Trigg O'Rourke answers this question — and many more that you might have about the Christian community.

There are too many people who pretend to be Christians or believers who spend too much time talking about it and not enough time being about it.

She wrote Believers who Talk the Talk some twenty years ago and just recently found it and realized that it was just as true today as it was then. She is 82 years old and when she thinks of the church and how it has affected her life, she wanted to be as honest as she could about her feelings. She believes in truth and her children will tell you that she never bites her tongue. She just says what she feels at the time which has caused her great detriment sometimes, but it is who she is.