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SamCol by Hicks



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Magickal Properties of Bas

  • protection,
  • exorcism,
  • money spells,
  • to improve your job or even to get a new one,
  • beauty spells
  • love spells


Zodiac – Scorpio, Aries and Pisces

Planet – Mars

Element – Fire

Gender – Masculine

Crystals – Aventurine, tigers eye, citrine and ruby


Dried Herbs

Shelf Life: 12-24 months

Storage: Shelf-stable

Weight: 10g

Dimensions: 7.5in x 0.5in x 12in

Fun Facts about Basil

  • In Europe, placing basil leaves in the hands of a deceased person is meant to ensure safe passage into the next life. In India placing a basil lead into the mouth of someone who is dying ensures that they make their way to god. 
  • Ancient Egyptians and Ancient Greeks thought that basil would ensure that the heavenly gates remained open for recently deceased souls. Funny since other ancient Greeks believed that Basil represented Satan. 
  • There are quite a few varieties of basil seeds which will absorb quite a bit of water and become gelatinous. These seeds are often used in Asian drinks and desserts.
  • Basil is a traditional herb used in traditional Chinese and Ayurvedic medicine.
  • Basil was once used to see if a woman was “pure” or not. She was given basil and if it withered in her hands she was considered “impure”. 
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