Because SamCol by Hicks CARES...

I cannot do all the good the world needs. But the world needs all the good I can do.” -Jana Stanfield

First, THANK YOU for your ongoing support of SAMCOL BY HICKS!
My brand SamCol by Hicks has never been about trying to make a sale. Everything I put out, I want it to make a difference in some way. I am using my platform, my voice and my brand to help push the Black community forward.

Launching my brand during these turbulent times is unbelievably scary. During this year, we've experienced brush fires, the death of icons, a pandemic on a global scale and worst of all, racism and unjustified death of African Americans like Ahmaud Arbrey, George Floyd and Breonna Taylor to name a few.

It saddens me that this is our reality. It saddens me that I have to raise my children in a world full of hate and selfishness. However, if not now, when? So, what better time than now? Through all of this darkness, the world is coming together, to stand against injustice, intolerance, racism and abuse of power. Martin Luther King Jr once said, “ Only in the darkness can you see the stars.” Here at SamCol By Hicks I want to illuminate as many stars as possible in this looming darkness.

The following organizations are currently taking donations. Please visit their website to learn more.

Louisville Community Bail Funds

Donate Her

100% of proceeds from  the "Charge the Cops" lapel pin.

MekJ Hope Foundation

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“Literacy is a bridge from misery to hope.” -Kofi Annan
I advocate for literacy.

Think of how often you use literacy. No, seriously, we use literacy to text, to send emails and to also read instructions. Literacy is required to function properly in this world and it is imperative that we plung deep into this understanding. @dr.b.reads says we should all seek to become a different kind of LLC, a Literacy Legacy Creator and build a culture of Literacy in our communities. Reading is the pillar of literacy. It is one of the missions of SamCol By Hicks to encourage children, teens and adults to pick up a book and read daily.

I’ve partnered with educators, Literacy Activists, and online organizations that support I feel advocate passionately for the right of literacy in the black community. If you know someone who is struggling with reading and writing or need to be motivated or inspired in this area, please share with them these resources.

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It's Lit Foundation


”Mental illness is considered taboo in the African American community. Many of us try to mask our illness or pray it away, which in turn perpetuates stigma. Let’s eradicate stigma. Asking for help is #notacharacterflaw.” - Valerie

Black Mental & Emotional Health Matters! I CAN NOT stress that enough. It’s SIMPLE. Your soul, your sanity, your mind, your feelings, your thoughts, your dreams — it all matters! Be KIND to yourself!

SamCol By Hicks promotes mental and emotional health by educating, by connecting people to resources and by giving others a voice. I am also transparent by sharing my stories with those who are struggling. My goal is to reassure others that they are not alone and help is out there.

If you know someone who is struggling is having mental and/or emotional struggles, or just need someone to talk to or listen to them, Please share with them the following resources.

Open Arms OT - @Open_Arms_Reana
The Barefoot Therapist -@TheBarefootTherapist 

Dr. Ebony - Food Relationship Strategist - @drebonyonline

The Mental Wellness Collective - @thementalwellnesscollective

“To be an activist is to speak. To be an advocate is to listen. Society can’t move forward without both.”

If you would like to be added to our directory, please email us at Together we CAN!