STONE Knowledge

Immerse yourself into this healing space! Set CLEAR intentions! STONEware by Hicks is designed to give you a custom Xperience.

This page will give you deets on the Crystals, Stones, Glass Beads and Woods we use to create your wrist decor.


Glass Beads

While making your wrist decor, we may use colorful glass beads. These beads will never be substituted for a natural stone or crystal. We use Glass Beads for fashion and creativity only. 

Krobo powder glass beads are generally made in West Africa, specifically Ghana. These Africa beads are made by the Ashanti and Krobo tribes, and were made in the 1900's. Krobo beads are made from powder glass, which comes from finely ground glass most commonly made out of recycled broken bottles and other scrap glasses.


With their warm colors and striking natural inclusions, its hardly surprising that African Wood Beads were once a coveted format of currency among the indigenous tribes of Africa. Wood beads will come in different shapes and styles.