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Meet the Greenes - Owners of BLACK FAMILY UNIT MERCH 


We’re Taylor and Aaron Greene, the founders of Black Family Unit Merch! We’ve been together for 6 years, married for 1 and we have two children under 2, Aya and Asé. We curated this brand from our own family inspiration. This is real life for us.

We started BFU to showcase the statement of unity in the black family. We want to be apart of the ones who speak up for the future of our community. We understand and believe that our betterment as a collective is heavily dependent on our at home family structures. We want to encourage our people to heal generational curses so that we can come together and build as a black family and ultimately as a black community.

BFU seeks to be a young, fresh approach to the black merch industry. Our style is minimalistic and neutral/melanin tones. We like to use the phrase “simple, but stated.”  We hope you love our merch for the family 🤎

Meet Bailey’s Daisy 


Bailey’s Daisy was birthed from my journey back to myself. As I became immersed in motherhood, I made sacrifices of time, energy, and self-care. Devoting most of my waking hours to Bailey, and work as a teacher, I greatly decreased my investment into self. I sacrificed regular grooming appointments, leisure activities, and hobbies. However, I refused to halt my lavish monthly nail appointments. I needed a physical, visual reminder to care for myself, and my fingertips served as an artistic canvas of self-care.

Bailey’s Daisy is a company centered around the experience of self-care, starting with your hands, feet, and skin. Our hands are tools that are in operation from the moment our day dawns, and remains our personal assistants until dusk. Our feet carry the weight of our world, toting every ounce of our existence and any additional baggage we acquire throughout the day. We often forget our skin is an organ and is the only barrier separating us from the outside world. These structure are so important to our daily routine, but often neglected.

Looking at my beautiful, well manicured, and sculpted hands reminded me of myself, while I resided in a life that was foreign. As I reflect over my journey, what really had become foreign was my care for self. As I trek forward, I am mindful to care for myself. I have Sankofa moments and now understand the value “taking care”. I have learned to take Self-Care personal, because I want to recognize and invest in self.