SamCol by Hicks™ is a curated bookstore dedicated to the Black experience under the HOUSE OF HICKS LLC umbrella. We sell fun and funky enamel lapel pins, stylish literature, invigorating prose, healing crystals and gifts for the seen and unseen energy connoisseur. Our goal is to enhance the luxury of owning products that produce positive energy and healing!
We focus on being good for the soul while manifesting our tribe’s inner greatness. It is a space designed to build community through its educational programming, entrepreneurial collaborations & events and for social and emotional wellness. We our founded on 5 pillars: COMMUNITY, COLLABORATION, ENGAGEMENT, EXCHANGE & EDUCATION. 

Retail is just one function of The SamColbyHicks. Each pillar is founded on can only reach its actual capacity with a physical storefront. SamColbyHicks will be home to community events, lectures, community service initiatives, and more at full operation. At its core, SC is a headquarters for people to see themselves, learn about Black history and view the space as a beacon of what it means to experience a life of one’s best possibilities.

We envision SamColbyHicks as a hub of activity for free expression, learning, inspiration and genuine community. We want our shelves filled with books across genres by Black and Brown authors, and we want to provide entrepreneurial opportunities to local authors and brands on a rotating basis.

In March, we hosted our first pop-up event,“Women’s History Month Pop Up Event" at the Mission House, downtown MGM. It was a fantastic opportunity to engage with the community in person. The event was so successful, we were able to do a second event on 06/04/2022 (today) at the same location for all Small Businesses in the MGM area with an emphasis on Black & Brown creatives. 

“What happens to a dream deferred?” As of today (06/04/2022), we have secured a 6 week storefront opportunity in the downtown MGM area on Monroe St. We are praying for a great turnout to extend our stay. However, we are lacking a few key elements:  furniture purchases, paint and shelving and of course inventory. Currently, I finance the store out of pocket, and the most significant barrier to opening a business is cost. Filling an entire store is a much different bridge to cross. We are crowdfunding $25,000 in start-up costs to make sure SamCol by Hicks functions at 100% intended capacity. We are creating something for the community that has yet to be done in the MGM area.


Cost Breakdown:

Rent: $1,000 x 6 months= $6,000 Initial Inventory: $10,000 Operating Expenses: $5,000 Misc/repairs/furnishings: $5,000    Langston Hughes famously wrote, “What happens to a dream deferred?” SamCol by Hicks goal is to ensure we never know the answer to that question. Let’s make our dreams a reality.

Two ways to give: 
We are asking for a simple donation with whatever your heart desires, or…


You can get pinned by purchasing one or both pins: $18 each or $36 together.

Link here: Get Pinned